Bitcoin Exchange Outage: Lessons in Performance Management

Bitcoin exchanges need the performance management lessons learned by other electronic trading exchanges to avoid repeating Coinbase outage.

by Gavin Byrne 26 May 2017

SplunkLive London: Recap and Takeaways

Coming out of last week’s Splunk event, our customers learned even bigger and better ways to work with Splunk!

by Simon Attfield 25 May 2017

Corvil is Speaking about Security at Strata + Hadoop London

On data’s biggest stage, Corvil will be leveraging its security expertise to explore how best to safeguard electronic stock trading.

by Aoife Byrne 23 May 2017

Finally, there's a smarter way to protect your trading networks.

In the age of automation, Cara, your virtual security expert, is a vital, 24/7 member of your team.

by Jimmy Yeung 22 May 2017

Corvil Cara - Shining the Cybersecurity Light on Trading Networks and Securing them from Within

Corvil Cara was built for cybersecurity teams who worry that the assumption "Trading networks are safe because they are private networks" is no longer valid.

by Donal Byrne 16 May 2017

Mitigating the Risk of WannaCry: Turn On the Lights and Secure from Within

WannaCry can hit hard if it gains a foothold. Find out how Corvil provides early warning of infection, accelerated triage and even file recovery, should a worst case scenario play out.

by Graham Ahearne 14 May 2017

Corvil is Speaking at the Fixed Income Leaders Summit

Looking for insight into bond markets? Catch Corvil’s panel about best practices for improving transparency.

by Aoife Byrne 10 May 2017

Corvil Will Be Exhibiting at SplunkLive in London

We’ll be there all day, so stop by and say hello!

by Aoife Byrne 4 May 2017

Say goodbye to the blame game! How a single-view platform can bring IT teams closer together

Corvil knows about upending teams silos and encouraging collaboration.

by Walter Brown 3 May 2017

Trading half the world away - A brief history lesson on trading resources

From spices to beaver pelts to oil, Corvil’s Shane Minogue maps out the similarities between conflicting trading resources, and how the largest Equities exchange in the world came to be.

by Shane Minogue 26 April 2017

Catch Corvil at FIX's Americas Trading Briefing

If you want to protect your organization from cyber threats, attend CEO Donal Byrne’s session about cybersecurity best practices.

by Aoife Byrne 20 April 2017

Corvil has an authentic past, but it is focused on the future

From a storied past, Corvil wants to create a valuable future.

by Ben Kepes 12 April 2017