Corvil's Top Ten Blogs of 2016

See what people were reading on the Corvil blog in 2016!

by Glenn Griffin 19 January 2017

Are you getting the full picture?

Why should firms stop using flow-based tools? Corvil Senior Sales Development Rep Walter Brown explains the power of raw wire data in security analytics.

by Walter Brown 12 January 2017

The Fridge has got IT in for you

With the influx of IoT-connected devices, we need the accuracy and speed of automated trading.

by Shane Minogue 9 January 2017

Clean Data Unites Business and IT Teams

Corvil’s two-pronged approach successfully helps businesses improve their trading strategies.

by Jimmy Yeung 2 January 2017

Hardware clocks or software timestamps? Using the Right Tool for the Job.

Corvil solutions can use both hardware and software timestamping, and select the source of timestamps most appropriate to accurately track both network-based and software events.

by Raymond Russell 22 December 2016

Transparency, Optimization & Compliance: How Corvil Benefits Everyone in Electronic Trading

Corvil provides value to trading, technology, and compliance teams.

by Timothy McGovern 15 December 2016

Takeaways from iiFinTech Symposium and Awards

Michele MacLeod shares Corvil’s celebratory night at the iiFinTech Awards along with major event highlights and takeaways from industry leaders.

by Michele Macleod 9 December 2016

The New Algorithmic Wolves of Wall Street

No traditional trader can keep track of everything that is happening to any meaningful degree of understanding.

by David Murray 5 December 2016

Corvil is Hiring!

Why should you work at Corvil? Here’s what some of our team members had to say about their specific experiences and Corvil culture!

by Janette Reid 1 December 2016

PTP's Secret Weapon: Hardware Timestamping

Corvil CTO Raymond Russell was at the STAC Summit in London and NY and explains how and why PTP has the edge in clock synchronization.

by Raymond Russell 28 November 2016

Recap and Takeaways: Gartner Symposium

Corvil’s Director of Technical Services James Wylie shares his experience at Gartner Barcelona.

by James Wylie 24 November 2016

The next best action: Is automatic problem resolution and network performance repair really possible?

Ron Groulx, Sales Engineer, discusses the theory and reality of self-diagnosing and self-healing networks. Network performance monitoring has come a long way.

by Ron Groulx 18 November 2016