Meet Corvil at SplunkConf 2016: Orlando, FL

We’re packing our bags for SplunkConf. Stop by Corvil’s booth in Orlando, FL to learn about our newest members of our Corvil Add-on for Splunk family.

Meet Corvil at SplunkConf 2016: Orlando, FLBy Aoife Byrne    23 September 2016      Events

It’s that time of year again! The 7th Annual Splunk Conference is quickly approaching, so get ready for three days of data-driven sessions and workshops from the top IT, security, and business professionals in the industry. We’re especially excited for .conf16. as a mega-level sponsor, along with our new Alliance Partner: Carbon Black -- and not just because it’s in Orlando, FL.

We’re happy to have the opportunity to show you first-hand how our big ideas meet up with our big data to empower Splunk users to be operationally smarter and faster.

After all, Corvil did win "Indigenous Irish Company of the Year" at the Inaugural Data Science Awards.

Data Science Award

Stop by our booth M25 from September 26 - 29 to gain a hands-on look at how you can route valuable wire data analytics into Splunk Enterprise for a range of use cases with the Corvil Add-on for Splunk, and did we mention our DAILY GO-PRO RAFFLE.

Our solution engineers Scott Peerbolte, Neena George will be happy to answer your tough technical questions while our product managers Ken Jinks and Graham Ahearne will be showcasing the newest additions to our Corvil Add-on for Splunk family.

Corvil VoIP App for Splunk
Where our big idea (troubleshooting call performance during a call) meets with our big data (real-time call quality analytics for every minute of every call).

Corvil Security Analytics for Splunk
Where our big idea (unified threat detection, analysis, and response) meets with big data from the most granular network-based deep content inspection platform (Corvil Security Analytics), the comprehensive endpoint visibility provider (Partner: Carbon Black Cb Response), and your choice of Threat Intelligence providers.

We hope to see you there! It should be a mega-fun time -- since every day there’s a new chance for you to win a GoPro. Register for SplunkConf 2016 now, if you haven’t already.

Location: Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts, Orlando, FL
Dates: September 26 – 29, 2016

Meet Corvil at SplunkConf 2016: Orlando, FL

Aoife Byrne, Marketing Executive, Corvil
Corvil safeguards business in a machine world. We see a future where all businesses trust digital machines to algorithmically conduct transactions on their behalf. For some businesses, this future is now.

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