Dublin Tech Summit: Recap and Takeaways on the Power of Big Data

How did we do at the Dublin Tech Summit? See for yourself with a replay of CEO Donal Byrne’s talk on the power of big data!

Dublin Tech Summit: Recap and Takeaways on the Power of Big DataBy Fiona Phillips    17 February 2017      Events

The Dublin Tech Summit has officially wrapped, and we’re so excited to share a few highlights from the conference, including CEO Donal Byrne’s panel!

Donal was one of more than 200 speakers who came together from leading companies all over the world to discuss the latest in tech and innovation.

Donal Byrne DTS

If you missed his talk on the power of big data, no worries -- Check out a replay here, moderated by TechCrunch editor-at-large Mike Butcher. Hear the panel unpack themes around big data, including how companies can use it as a foundation for business intelligence today. As enormous amounts of data become more and more available, will companies know how to put data to good use? Will they continue to view the data as the valuable resource it is? What does the future look like for the many industries big data will unite? These were just a few of the major questions discussed by the experts.

DTS Panel

They also touched on the evolution of autonomous, algorithmic trading and other AI-driven tools, and were sure to address industry challenges around e-commerce, cybersecurity as it relates to financial challenges, and dealing with unintended consequences of technology.

One thing’s for sure, Silicon Valley is no longer the technology epicenter of the world. As told by Donal during the panel, the most fascinating time for technology is now. “Nonetheless, Donal Byrne, chief executive of real-time analytics company Corvil, said we are living at an exciting time in which advances in technology are driving progress,” reported the Irish Times. Of course, the problems are never-ending, but new solutions are emerging every day. And today, there’s no blockage to innovation. Disruption can take place anywhere in the world.

Dublin Tech Summit: Recap and Takeaways on the Power of Big Data

Fiona Phillips, Director of Product Marketing, Corvil
Corvil safeguards business in a machine world. We see a future where all businesses trust digital machines to algorithmically conduct transactions on their behalf. For some businesses, this future is now.

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