Blogs by: David Murray

I Am Not Throwin' Away My Spread!

Why Fixed Income Markets Need to Pay Homage to US Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

by David Murray 27 March 2017

Corvil Announces Solution to Improve Fixed Income Trading Effectiveness

New Type of Visibility Provides Necessary Insight to Optimize Trading Performance in Evolving Fixed Income Markets.

by David Murray 14 March 2017

The New Algorithmic Wolves of Wall Street

No traditional trader can keep track of everything that is happening to any meaningful degree of understanding.

by David Murray 5 December 2016

Regulatory Alchemy: Transmuting Compliance Tax into Business Value

Chief Business Development Officer David Murray recently appeared in Finance Magnates, sharing his thoughts on transmuting compliance headaches into valuable business insight with some Regulatory Alchemy.

by David Murray 19 October 2016

The Iceberg Problem, Part 1: The Business Side

In this series, Chief Business Development Officer David Murray explores one of the deepest problems facing digital businesses today: the chronic disconnect between business and IT. How can we solve this new problem, one of the most important in today’s digital businesses?

by David Murray 28 April 2016

One Man (or Message) Can Make a Difference

Wire data provides the benefits of being obtained passively, without overhead, in real-time, with the granularity to understand not just elements of infrastructure performance, but those of individual application calls, database queries, server responsiveness, and, potentially, glue together the components of a service to form a complete end-to-end picture.

by David Murray 30 March 2016