Blogs by: Raymond Russell

Learn More About Corvil in NYU's Course on Ultra Low Latency Architectures for Electronic Trading

It’s always difficult learning and growing in an industry that is moving all the time. Thankfully, university courses like this one are here to help!

by Raymond Russell 6 April 2017

Test driving the new Corvil App Agent

Learn why we created the Corvil App Agent and how you can use it.

by Raymond Russell 24 February 2017

Hardware clocks or software timestamps? Using the Right Tool for the Job.

Corvil solutions can use both hardware and software timestamping, and select the source of timestamps most appropriate to accurately track both network-based and software events.

by Raymond Russell 22 December 2016

PTP's Secret Weapon: Hardware Timestamping

Corvil CTO Raymond Russell was at the STAC Summit in London and NY and explains how and why PTP has the edge in clock synchronization.

by Raymond Russell 28 November 2016

The Purported Evils of Buffering

The hardest choice in IT and business may not be a choice at all. CTO and co-founder Raymond Russell explains why.

by Raymond Russell 25 August 2016

Stream Processing Vs Continuous Packet Capture: Why not both?

Like so many areas of modern life, the world of IT operations has come to be powered by, and depend critically on, data.

by Raymond Russell 26 July 2016

Corvil at TSX: Recap and Takeaways

Corvil had a great time at TSX. Thanks for stopping by!

by Raymond Russell 3 June 2016

Causality, Time and Clock Synchronization in MiFID II

Time and causality are fundamentally related: causes must come before their effects temporally, and the concept of causal relationships arguably underpins our concept of time.

by Raymond Russell 14 April 2016

Sync it Up, MiFID II Clock Synchronization

At Corvil, we have our own clocks that we use to timestamp network packets, and we can also consume timestamps from other systems, such as packet brokers (also known as tap aggregation switches).

by Raymond Russell 14 April 2016

Winning The CIO Super Bowl: Cyber Monday - Revisited

CTO Raymond Russell discusses the issues that e-commerce sites face on a day when potentially millions of dollars are on the line.

by Raymond Russell 3 December 2015

CTO Raymond Russell on America’s Big Data Obesity Problem

Raymond Russell, Corvil CTO and Co-founder, recently appeared on discussing enterprise’s current understanding and strategy around the effectiveness and the increasingly out-of-control costs of data bloat and storage.

by Raymond Russell 26 November 2015

Rise Conference 2015: Big Data Won’t Help Us With Creativity or Innovation

There is an unquantifiable amount written about what Big Data can do for us. But rarely considered is what Big Data cannot do for us.

by Raymond Russell 3 September 2015