Corvil Launches New Software-Defined Sensor Technology

Corvil Sensor Enables Performance and Security of Business-Critical Workloads in any Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Environment

by Ken Jinks 11 April 2017

Learn More About Corvil in NYU's Course on Ultra Low Latency Architectures for Electronic Trading

It’s always difficult learning and growing in an industry that is moving all the time. Thankfully, university courses like this one are here to help!

by Raymond Russell 6 April 2017

Fake News: The Real Threat to Financial Markets

Fake Data, the cousin of Fake News, are leading computers astray. With the increasing prevalence of fake data, algorithmic trading is at risk – unless companies gain complete real-time visibility into network data.

by Michael Sanderson 4 April 2017

At last, the electronification of Fixed Income! And what it takes to adapt.

Still trading bonds by phone, email, or fax? That’s about to change.

by Timothy McGovern 3 April 2017

Trading Networks: Vulnerable or Not?

Don’t get complacent. Trading networks are far from “safe zones”.

by Neena George 31 March 2017

Catch Corvil at HPC for Wall Street!

Corvil CEO Donal Byrne is speaking on the conference’s keynote panel – come hear from the leaders of the Next-Generation FinTech Economy.

by Aoife Byrne 29 March 2017

Corvil, at your service!

What happens after you buy Corvil’s product? Sales Engineer Paul Min shares his thoughts on Corvil stewardship and maintaining customer relationships.

by Paul Min 28 March 2017

I Am Not Throwin' Away My Spread!

Why Fixed Income Markets Need to Pay Homage to US Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

by David Murray 27 March 2017

CEO Donal Byrne Recognized by Institutional Investor's Trading Tech 40

Corvil is thrilled that our fearless leader has been named as one of world’s most powerful trading executives.

by Fiona Phillips 21 March 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Corvil!

From an algorithm born from theoretical physics to a global business in the heart of Dublin, we’re prouder than ever of our Irish roots and how far we’ve come.

by Glenn Griffin 17 March 2017

FIX EMEA 2017: Recap and Takeaways

MiFID II and security dominated this year’s FIX EMEA event.

by Minn Chowdhury 16 March 2017

Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: How to ensure your Network and Application teams speak the same language

Miscommunication leads to mistakes. By uniting teams with a common language, Corvil guarantees accuracy and efficiency.

by Tien Hoang 15 March 2017