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Hardware clocks or software timestamps? Using the Right Tool for the Job.

Corvil solutions can use both hardware and software timestamping, and select the source of timestamps most appropriate to accurately track both network-based and software events.

by Raymond Russell 22 December 2016

PTP's Secret Weapon: Hardware Timestamping

Corvil CTO Raymond Russell was at the STAC Summit in London and NY and explains how and why PTP has the edge in clock synchronization.

by Raymond Russell 28 November 2016

Recap and Takeaways: STAC NYC Summit

Corvil’s Michele Macleod attended the STAC NYC Summit this month. What did she think?

by Michele Macleod 17 November 2016

Meet Corvil at STAC Summit London

Keep calm and meet Corvil at STAC London. We hope to see you there!

by Aoife Byrne 25 October 2016