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Corvil's Top Ten Blogs of 2016

See what people were reading on the Corvil blog in 2016!

by Glenn Griffin 19 January 2017

Transparency, Optimization & Compliance: How Corvil Benefits Everyone in Electronic Trading

Corvil provides value to trading, technology, and compliance teams.

by Timothy McGovern 15 December 2016

Meet Corvil at STAC Summit London

Keep calm and meet Corvil at STAC London. We hope to see you there!

by Aoife Byrne 25 October 2016

Accurate Data: Dreams Do Come True

“If we just had more accurate data, everything would work so much better!” Sales Engineer Timothy McGovern shows how this wish doesn’t have to be just a dream anymore.

by Timothy McGovern 23 August 2016

Atomic Clocks and Timestamping Practices

Deploying resilient time distribution for MiFID II isn’t quite a straightforward proposition. Nor is it not a “set it and forget it” activity where you can assume it will work correctly for ever after.

by Jasmine Noel 16 August 2016

Re-thinking Speed in Financial Markets: Part 1

The IEX decision has re-ignited a polarizing debate about speed being good or bad for markets. What if there is alternative to those two camps? If we think of speed as a proxy for price certainty, how would our perception of it's role in modern market structure change?

by Donal Byrne 9 August 2016

Corvil at TSX: Recap and Takeaways

Corvil had a great time at TSX. Thanks for stopping by!

by Raymond Russell 3 June 2016

Corvil at Essentials of MiFID II Time Compliance London: Recap and Takeaways

Our CEO Donal Byrne attended The Trade’s pop-up MiFID II Event event in London, an event all focused on educating buy-side trading and compliance professionals about the upcoming MiFID II regulations.

by Aoife Byrne 17 May 2016

Let’s Do the Math on MiFID II

Our CEO Donal Byrne was recently featured in Finance Magnates, discussing what exactly MiFID II will require of the industry. Let's do the math on MiFID II.

by Donal Byrne 11 May 2016

Causality, Time and Clock Synchronization in MiFID II

Time and causality are fundamentally related: causes must come before their effects temporally, and the concept of causal relationships arguably underpins our concept of time.

by Raymond Russell 14 April 2016

Sync it Up, MiFID II Clock Synchronization

At Corvil, we have our own clocks that we use to timestamp network packets, and we can also consume timestamps from other systems, such as packet brokers (also known as tap aggregation switches).

by Raymond Russell 14 April 2016

Streaming Trading Data For Compliance

Streaming trading data for compliance is not as easy as in the movies.

by Jasmine Noel 4 February 2016