Tag: Security

SplunkLive London: Recap and Takeaways

Coming out of last week’s Splunk event, our customers learned even bigger and better ways to work with Splunk!

by Simon Attfield 25 May 2017

Corvil Cara - Shining the Cybersecurity Light on Trading Networks and Securing them from Within

Corvil Cara was built for cybersecurity teams who worry that the assumption "Trading networks are safe because they are private networks" is no longer valid.

by Donal Byrne 16 May 2017

Mitigating the Risk of WannaCry: Turn On the Lights and Secure from Within

WannaCry can hit hard if it gains a foothold. Find out how Corvil provides early warning of infection, accelerated triage and even file recovery, should a worst case scenario play out.

by Graham Ahearne 14 May 2017

Corvil Launches New Software-Defined Sensor Technology

Corvil Sensor Enables Performance and Security of Business-Critical Workloads in any Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Environment

by Ken Jinks 11 April 2017

FIX EMEA 2017: Recap and Takeaways

MiFID II and security dominated this year’s FIX EMEA event.

by Minn Chowdhury 16 March 2017

Corvil is a Finalist for Security Solution of the Year!

Corvil at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards!

by Aoife Byrne 6 March 2017

Join Corvil at the 2017 EMEA Trading Conference in London!

CEO Donal Byrne discusses the security of the financial markets at the EMEA Trading Conference this year. Only one week to go!

by Aoife Byrne 27 February 2017

Corvil at RSA: Recap and Takeaways

As the dust settles after this years RSA conference, Corvil’s Security Analytics product management director, Graham Ahearne, shares his key insights and takeaways.

by Graham Ahearne 23 February 2017

Dublin Tech Summit: Recap and Takeaways on the Power of Big Data

How did we do at the Dublin Tech Summit? See for yourself with a replay of CEO Donal Byrne’s talk on the power of big data!

by Fiona Phillips 17 February 2017

Meet Corvil at RSA next week in San Francisco!

Talk to our experts and see how you can tap into your network data, to dramatically accelerate your Security Operations triage workflows.

by Graham Ahearne 10 February 2017

Corvil is speaking at the Dublin Tech Summit Next Week!

CEO Donal Byrne talks big data and cybersecurity.

by Aoife Byrne 9 February 2017

Why Block and Tackle is Insufficient When Dealing with Modern Attacks

Cybersecurity today is more than just knowing your weaknesses: it is about illuminating all your blind spots.

by Graham Ahearne 2 February 2017