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Test driving the new Corvil App Agent

Learn why we created the Corvil App Agent and how you can use it.

by Raymond Russell 24 February 2017

Corvil's Top Ten Blogs of 2016

See what people were reading on the Corvil blog in 2016!

by Glenn Griffin 19 January 2017

Hardware clocks or software timestamps? Using the Right Tool for the Job.

Corvil solutions can use both hardware and software timestamping, and select the source of timestamps most appropriate to accurately track both network-based and software events.

by Raymond Russell 22 December 2016

Transparency, Optimization & Compliance: How Corvil Benefits Everyone in Electronic Trading

Corvil provides value to trading, technology, and compliance teams.

by Timothy McGovern 15 December 2016

PTP's Secret Weapon: Hardware Timestamping

Corvil CTO Raymond Russell was at the STAC Summit in London and NY and explains how and why PTP has the edge in clock synchronization.

by Raymond Russell 28 November 2016

Recap: The FIX - Japan Trading Community Speaks on What’s to Come for Global Trading

James Wylie is back from the FIX - Japan event and global change was the name of the game. Read here for his recap and main takeaways!

by James Wylie 13 October 2016

Recap and Takeaways: Deutsche Börse IT Conference

Michael Sanderson reports back from DBS IT Conference in Germany. Get his fresh take from the event here.

by Michael Sanderson 12 October 2016

Thoroughness Brings Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind is the most valuable asset your business can give. Walter’s experience with a terrifying audit and a well-prepared accountant taught him that peace of mind when it comes to regulatory compliance is of utmost importance to any business.

by Walter Brown 6 October 2016

A Brief History of Timekeeping

Humanity has always sought to measure the passage of time in an accurate sensible way. Seasons, days, and nights use to be good enough. But now...

by Jasmine Noel 22 September 2016

Re-thinking Speed in Financial Markets: Part 4

The IEX decision has re-ignited a polarizing debate about speed being good or bad for markets. What is the alternative to those two camps? If we think of speed as a proxy for price certainty, how would our perception of its role in modern market structure change?

by Donal Byrne 29 August 2016

Atomic Clocks and Timestamping Practices

Deploying resilient time distribution for MiFID II isn’t quite a straightforward proposition. Nor is it not a “set it and forget it” activity where you can assume it will work correctly for ever after.

by Jasmine Noel 16 August 2016

Corvil at the NYC STAC Summit

Learn how to best capture and analyze network data and find out what’s changed and what hasn’t from Corvil CTO Raymond Russell at the upcoming NYC STAC Summit

by Aoife Byrne 7 June 2016