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Bitcoin Exchange Outage: Lessons in Performance Management

Bitcoin exchanges need the performance management lessons learned by other electronic trading exchanges to avoid repeating Coinbase outage.

by Gavin Byrne 26 May 2017

Trading half the world away - A brief history lesson on trading resources

From spices to beaver pelts to oil, Corvil’s Shane Minogue maps out the similarities between conflicting trading resources, and how the largest Equities exchange in the world came to be.

by Shane Minogue 26 April 2017

At last, the electronification of Fixed Income! And what it takes to adapt.

Still trading bonds by phone, email, or fax? That’s about to change.

by Timothy McGovern 3 April 2017

Trading Networks: Vulnerable or Not?

Don’t get complacent. Trading networks are far from “safe zones”.

by Neena George 31 March 2017

I Am Not Throwin' Away My Spread!

Why Fixed Income Markets Need to Pay Homage to US Founding Father Alexander Hamilton.

by David Murray 27 March 2017

CEO Donal Byrne Recognized by Institutional Investor's Trading Tech 40

Corvil is thrilled that our fearless leader has been named as one of world’s most powerful trading executives.

by Fiona Phillips 21 March 2017

FIX EMEA 2017: Recap and Takeaways

MiFID II and security dominated this year’s FIX EMEA event.

by Minn Chowdhury 16 March 2017

Corvil Announces Solution to Improve Fixed Income Trading Effectiveness

New Type of Visibility Provides Necessary Insight to Optimize Trading Performance in Evolving Fixed Income Markets.

by David Murray 14 March 2017

Making Fast Even Faster: Winning the Electronic Trading Race

To improve their overall time, triathlon athletes must focus on perfecting their transitions between legs of the race. When achieving the best performance within electronic trading, speed and transparency at certain moments is also essential.

by Oliver Bradford 8 March 2017

Join Corvil at the 2017 EMEA Trading Conference in London!

CEO Donal Byrne discusses the security of the financial markets at the EMEA Trading Conference this year. Only one week to go!

by Aoife Byrne 27 February 2017

Join Corvil at the 2017 Japan International Banking & Securities System Forum

Meet us in Tokyo to learn about the Japanese and global FinTech markets.

by Aoife Byrne 21 February 2017

The New Algorithmic Wolves of Wall Street

No traditional trader can keep track of everything that is happening to any meaningful degree of understanding.

by David Murray 5 December 2016