Corvil wins “Indigenous Irish Company of the Year” award at Inaugural Data Science Awards 2016

DUBLIN, IRELAND – September 23, 2016 - Corvil has been named the "Indigenous Irish Company of the Year" at the Inaugural Data Science Awards. Launched jointly by Next Generation and Centre for Applied Data Analytics (CeADAR), the Data Science Awards were established in 2016 to raise awareness of data science initiatives taking place across Ireland and to celebrate individuals and companies that are fostering innovation across the industry.

The "Indigenous Irish Company of the Year" award is given to the business that has shown the most effective use of data and data science to differentiate itself, hone a competitive edge in the marketplace, and ultimately thrive. Corvil’s streaming analytics platform taps into live network data and provides the tools needed to analyze, visualize, and safeguard business activity as it happens. This data-centric approach to IT operations analytics gives users the power to understand what’s happening across an organization’s infrastructure and how it impacts business outcomes.

“We are in the early stages of a data science revolution whose impact is being felt across industry sectors. The DatSci Awards are a wonderful platform for those at the forefront of data science in Ireland to showcase their work and achievements,” said Edward McDonnell, Centre Director of CeADAR. “Congratulations to Corvil for having won the award in the ‘Indigenous Irish Company of the Year’ category and to all the organizations who made the finalist stage."

“Corvil is very fortunate to be working on some of the most cutting-edge data analytics projects on a daily basis with our customers worldwide,” said Fergal Toomey, Corvil Chief Scientist. “It’s wonderful to receive this recognition for the great work that our talented team has achieved during such a formative period in the data science industry.”

Corvil’s award submission highlighted the work of its strong in-house team engaging with data science across Corvil’s organization – from senior staff in field engineering, software development, data science, and business development to additional Big Data and data science experts.

For information on how to join Corvil’s team, please visit Corvil’s career page.

About Corvil

Corvil is the industry leader for deriving Security, Operational, and Business intelligence from network data. As companies adopt faster and smarter machine technology, it becomes critical to tap into richer and more granular machine data sources to safeguard the transparency, performance and security of critical infrastructure and business applications. The Corvil streaming analytics platform captures, decodes, and learns from network data on the fly, transforming it into machine-time intelligence for network, IT, security and business teams to operate efficiently and securely in this new machine world. Corvil uses an open architecture to integrate the power of its network data analytics with the overall IT ecosystem providing increased automation and greater operational and business value outcomes for its users.

The Corvil solution is trusted by leading financial institutions to safeguard their businesses across the globe involving 354 trillion messages with a daily transaction value in excess of $1 trillion.

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