The Corvil Certified Performance Management Expert (CCPME) program is a certification program being offered by Corvil. This course leverages Corvil’s experience in over 100 complex performance management deployments. Its purpose it to present the key challenges and the associated best practice techniques that are applied in performance management for electronic trading environments. This course also offers the opportunity to achieve formal certification through written and practical exams.

Who is this CCPME course for?

Any professional working in an electronic trading environment with a need to understand the key techniques applied for managing latency and performance in order flow, market data distribution, and network infrastructure environments. Example professionals include:

  • Trading Infrastructure Architects
  • Trading Professionals
  • Trade Support Personnel
  • Market Access Teams
  • Market Data Production Teams
  • Application Developers
  • Network Engineers
  • Network Administrators

Skills You'll Gain

Among other things, CCPME certified professionals will have a good understanding of:

  • High Performance Trading Infrastructure
  • Market data quality and latency management
  • Order response latency measurements
  • Order latency correlation techniques across trading gateways, SORs, etc.
  • Algorithm decision latency measurements
  • Order-to-tick latency measurements
  • Common trading and market data protocols
  • Feed handler latency
  • Using TCP analytics
  • Message rates and microbursts
  • Clock synchronization techniques, measuring at nanosecond granularity

The CCPME course is 4-days in duration and is followed with both a written and practical examination that must be passed to achieve certification.

Dates and Location

The full course will be offered once per quarter in Corvil offices in New York and London. Examinations will also be offered once per quarter in both locations. Students have the option to split their attendance over two quarters.

Course Outline

The course consists of the following 8 modules:

Latency for High Performance Trading Time synchronization, complex correlations, network vs. application measurements, correlation with fillrations and other business analytics
Infrastructure Performance Co-lo deployments, one-way latency SLA’s, firewall and switch latencies, link sizing, QoS design
Transaction Response Performance Order response latency measurement, order-to-tick latency, order lifecycle tracking, order volumetrics
Transaction Flow Performance Multi-hop order latency, correlation across trading gateways and SOR's
Market Data Quality and Latency Gap detection, relative latency of the A and B feed, message rates and microburst, embedded timestamps
Nanosecond Technologies Low latency switches, ethernet vs. infiniband, nanosecond timescales, FPGA's
Enterprise Integration Role based access control, leveraging third party timestamps, use of real-time latency feed
Administration and Maintenance of Corvil Central management, upgrades, managing decoders, licensing, installation