Corvil transforms network data with precision and speed into amazing knowledge.

The journey begins with
Data Discovery

Simply plug Corvil into your network and instantly and reliably discover the data flows—customer requests, payments, database and storage accesses, VoIP and Video calls. For each discovered flow, we provide application-specific analytics from our massive library of plug-ins.

Into the heart of real-time understanding
Corvil Analytics

Corvil Analytics captures, reassembles, decodes and enriches vast amounts of live raw data, adding analytics and making the resulting enriched data available to humans, machines and other systems.

Configurations for Enterprise Market Data & Trading with application-specific modules understand your business.

Interact with your Network Data
in Entirely New Ways


A customizable viewport to investigate, observe, and display measurements and analytics. Create business-level views for performance and business analytics, particular customers, applications, or infrastructure components.
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The Lens provides detailed analytics with a hierarchical multi-dimensional view of your data—supporting fast, intuitive analysis. High-level summary information can be sorted by key metrics, then filtered or broken down to allow root causes to be quickly identified. See Lens Features


Prioritize data that needs detailed analysis or requires immediate attention. Corvil produces summaries of key events and transforms them into streams of actionable data for review in Corvil or integration with external systems. More about Streams


Schedule regular reports for any network, application or business analytics. Send infrastructure trending data each month to network engineering management. Generate user experience performance summaries, server hit counts and application errors for the application operations team.
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Splunk kdb+ Hadoop ElasticSearch Tableau

Save time and money by only processing the right data. Rich event information can be automatically exported on detection to external operational intelligence and support systems.
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Gartner calls Corvil Visionary
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A NEW disruptive pricing model

Corvil is setting a new industry benchmark for network data analytics in cost, performance and capability. Our new software-defined model and upgraded capabilities deliver 40–80 percent cost reduction compared to traditional network probe vendors.

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Powerful Features for Network Data

Corvil Search

Simple, fast and powerful, get direct and instant access to what is happening in your business with Corvil’s powerful index of real time and historical data.

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Remote Data Streaming

Receive and analyze a stream of packets forwarded from remote sites, delivering true real-time visibility.

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Packet Capture Export

Consolidate traditional network monitoring and packet capture use cases into the Corvil platform saving up to 45 percent in capital expenditure.

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Stored Data Analysis

Read stored network data in standard PCAP formats and analyze multiple terabytes per day. Get instant access to your stored network packet data and quickly troubleshoot application performance.

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Deep Data Buffering

Absorb and process huge bursts in traffic that would otherwise require a costly up-scaling of the monitoring solution. Fidelity of analysis is not affected by our new deep data buffering.

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Data Quality Monitor

Ensure your network data is complete, accurate and glitch free. Identify SPAN congestion, automatically detect data loss, remove unwanted duplicates and avoid misconfigurations with Corvil’s Data Quality Monitor.

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Corvil Center

Easily control and administer large deployments to provide a full end-to-end picture for network delivered applications, services and businesses, all in real-time.

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Corvil SDK

The Corvil Software Development Kit is available to extend the "out of box" offering. Use it to decode proprietary applications and protocols and to define and implement your own real-time business analytics.

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