Corvil Dashboards

Every environment is different. The Corvil Dashboards allows you to effectively manage our UI with specific customizable real-time department views.

Corvil Network Data Analytics provides a customizable dashboard system that gives you full control over how you investigate, combine and present Corvil measurements and analytics. You can use it to create business-level dashboards that offer instant views of key performance and business analytics. You can also use it to produce detailed dashboards that focus on particular customers, applications, or infrastructure components.


  • Gives you full control of what you see
  • Instant views of key performance and business analytics
  • Modern and intuitive UI

Access performance insight quickly and easily

The Corvil Dashboard's simple point-and-click interface makes it easy to create visually appealing dashboards in minutes. You can add charts, topologies and tabular data elements containing analytics ranging from microburst message rates to latency and user response analytics. The dashboards update in real-time, highlight performance issues, and provide one-click drill-down navigation to troubleshooting screens.

Tailored views for different tasks and roles

You can create as many views as you need to support your organization:

  • Application operations and application development
  • Data center and WAN management
  • Client trade and order-flow support
  • Network operations
  • KPIs and high-level business overviews