Web Application Monitoring

In today’s real-time business environments web applications are increasingly business critical. It is crucial to deliver a reliable, consistent and high quality experience to customers and other end users. Corvil’s network data analytics platform enables real-time web application performance monitoring. It manages globally distributed, cloud based web and mobile applications and provides a unified view for application and network performance. Corvil network data analytics does its job with zero impact on the performance of applications and infrastructure.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved customer experience – Every 100 milliseconds of latency costs 1% of sales*
  • Complete visibility into all client web services requests and responses
  • Real User Monitoring: Real-time application performance reporting for each client, server, URL and virtual server
  • Pro-active and predictive identification of web and mobile application performance issues
  • Clear delineation of network access layer performance from hosted application performance problems
  • Integrated network monitoring and application analytics provide complete performance picture
  • Tailored views for multiple teams within a single product, form a single dataset, enables collaborative problem-